Rumbie Madzivanyika Muzofa is a 27 year old Zimbabwean born designer who is making her mark in Johannesburg. When she was young she loved drawing and although she struggled to get the proportions right, the one thing she always drew well were clothes designs.

"My parents were very instrumental in nurturing my career," a smiling Rumbie recalls. "As a young girl I didn't know much about what I was drawing or designing. They identified the talent and encouraged me in the field of fashion. They take a lot of credit for enabling me to have a career in fashion design."

Rumbie says that the level of detail in their designs is inspired by the likes of Marchesa and Versace who she seeks to emulate.

"I am also inspired by God and His works of nature. I always tell myself that since I am made in His image, I have to be as creative as Him."

Rumbie's work is coming of age at a time when fashion in Africa is growing with fashion weeks – like the AFI Africa Fashion week in SA – springing up in many countries. She notes that international designers have African derivations in their work and even foreign celebrities are wearing African designs. African designers are also commonly featured in international fashion shows.

"I would like my brand Rumbie by Rumbie to be a game changer that will contribute to the ongoing fashion revolution in Africa. My deepest passion is to make a difference in the lives of young designers and entrepreneurs. By setting an example of success, hope is imparted to all, courage to follow one's dreams and believing in infinite possibilities."

The road to making a contribution is not easy. Rumbie reveals that it is not always easy as an artistic person to detach her emotions from her creations and make proper business decisions. It has also been a tough start having begun as a one man team, balancing the demands of producing her designs while raising a young daughter.

"But I have now found my footing and I am going from strength to strength. My best moments are when my clients are fully satisfied with my product. Women love to look good and it is very refreshing every time I see them excited about my designs."

Rumbie holds a Masters degree in Fashion and dreams of having her designs in a few international stores soon. She plans to venture into shoe and accessory designs as well and to take her products beyond Southern Africa to the rest of the continent.
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