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Ikenna Azuike is a 34 year old "Nigerian-brit" who founded the YouTube hosted satirical blog "Whats-up Africa". He is based in Holland where he lives with his Dutch girlfriend and daughter. Ikenna was born in Lagos to a Nigerian father and German-Ukrainian mother and moved to the UK at the age of eight.


"Whenever my father introduced me to others, he would proudly declare that I was going to be a lawyer," Azuike said at one of the Tedx events he has participated in, "So as not to disappoint him, I studied law in the UK and got a job as a financial lawyer in New York. My dad was very happy but I was miserable. The job had good financial security but I felt like a different person unable to express myself having grown up as a guy interested in drama and comedy."

In 2008, Azuike left his job to set up a foundation promoting awareness about sustainability called Strawberry Earth while working part time as an intern journalist at Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW).

"In February 2011, frustrated by the unbalanced and often inaccurate portrayal of Africa in Western media, I created the video blog "What's Up Africa". None of the media was speaking effectively to the digital generation of young Africans eager to be informed. Inspired by the work of one of my heroes, Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, I thought it was time for a new type of African news show and I am grateful for RNW for giving me the podium to make it," wrote Azuike on his website

Since 2011, Whats Up Africa has attracted a fan base of over 80,000 fans on social media and his videos on have received over half a million views. His main followers are the young digital generation of Africans living in English-speaking countries particularly Nigeria and Kenya as well as those in the diaspora.

The video blog has become world-famous having been featured in various international media including BBC, CNN, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. Azuike is frequently invited to speak at various events including Tedx events in Africa and Europe. He is in talks with an international TV network to set up a regular news programme.

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